Get accompaniment to physical activities in Aarhus

If you want to start an activity in a sports organisation in Aarhus, then we can help you out. Maybe you dream of exercising more, without knowing where or how to get started. We can help you find the right activity and figure out the practicalities of registration and transport. We would love to accompany you, in the beginning, to make the start-up as safe and comfortable as possible. We could, for example, accompany you to dancing lessons, swimming or on group walks.

How it works

When you contact us, we'll help you find out what options are available in your local area. After this, one of our volunteers accompanies you the first few times until you are comfortable with the routine and feel safe. The volunteer meets you either at your place or at the activity in question and can be involved, to the extent that you feel comfortable with.

Contact us

Anyone can call our helpline in Aarhus on 9155 0636. This applies to everyone who would like to get involved in activities in Aarhus, relatives, and healthcare personnel. When you contact us, we talk about your wants and needs. The helpline establishes contact between you and the volunteer who will accompany you. There is no guarantee that it is the same volunteer each time, but it is always a qualified health and social care student, e.g. a future physiotherapist or sports science graduate, who is passionate about accompanying you. Read more about accompaniment to activities in Aarhus here.