For health and social care personnel

Often, people who find it difficult to be in contact with the healthcare systems also find it difficult to contact Social Sundhed. So if you are a healthcare or social worker and need to contact us on behalf of an individual who needs support, you are more than welcome to obtain consent from the citizen and contact us.

In Social Sundhed, we often need the professional's help to establish a trusting relationship between the individual who needs support and the volunteer healthcare students who accompany them to appointments and treatment courses in the healthcare system.

You are also always welcome to call us with questions about whether we can help with a challenge or problem faced by the individual you are calling on behalf of.

If your hospital department, administration or healthcare unit wants a presentation on how we collaboratively can contribute to improving equality in healthcare, we will be more than happy to come by and tell you about our offers, experiences and methods. Contact us for more information at