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equality in health and social care?

Support us

Together with Social Sundhed, you can make a valuable contribution to a healthcare system where everyone can get help and treatment – not least the more socially disadvantaged in society. Among other things, you can support us with your time, or by your municipality, company, foundation or organisation entering into a partnership or collaboration with us. You can also support us by donating to our work or entering into a business partnership with us. Your municipality, organisation or company can also book a presentation about vulnerability in health and about our organisation.

Your contribution means that more of Social Sundhed's volunteers, students from health education programmes, can accompany vulnerable people to appointments and treatment courses at the doctor, the dentist or the psychiatry in a number of cities. We can also expand our professional training courses and programmes. In these courses, our volunteers gain vital theoretical skills and valuable experiences of meeting vulnerable people as equals. which they bring with them in their future work as health professionals.

Become a member

Anyone can become a member of Social Sundhed, and it is completely free. As a member, you can participate and you also have the right to vote at the general assembly. We encourage everyone who collaborates with Social Sundhed to become a member and thus have an influence on the organisation's work. Read more here

Become Partner

Your municipality, organisation, company or foundation can enter into a partnership with us so that more people in Denmark can get the support, help and treatment they are entitled to and need. Read more about becoming a partner here

For the healthcare students - join us today

If you are a student currently in a health- or social-care related education, you can get a unique opportunity to practice your people skills. At Social Sundhed, you can test your competencies by becoming a volunteer. Read more here

Book a presentation

If your municipality, organisation or company wants to hear about vulnerability in health and how we in Social Sundhed work with volunteers to make a vital difference for vulnerable people, you can book a presentation by telephone; 2241 5914 or email;