About Social Sundhed

Social Sundhed is a nationwide NGO that works with volunteers to create greater social equality in health. Today, people in vulnerable life situations have markedly worse health and well-being than the general population and die on average 17 years before others in the population. This is what Social Health was created to do something concrete about. We work in particular in these areas:

We accompany and support vulnerable people to their appointments in the healthcare system

Social Sundhed's primary task is to accompany and support vulnerable and exposed people to their appointments in the healthcare system based on the needs of the individual. The task is carried out by volunteer health and social care students, also called "brobyggere".

We enter into public and private partnerships

We acknowledge that major challenges in health and social care for vulnerable people require joint solutions across society and long-term solutions. Therefore, we also contribute at a community level to a coherent and coordinated effort to ensure that the socially vulnerable receive the support, help and treatment they need and are entitled to. We have strong partnerships, networks and collaborations with, among others, Sundhedsstyrelsen, municipalities, regions, foundations, actors in health and social care, hospitals, educational institutions and other NGOs such as the Kirkens Korshær, Mændenes Hjem and the Red Cross.

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We educate the health and social care professionals of tomorrow.

Education is our secondary task. With Social Sundhed's mandatory and professional training courses, our volunteer "brobyggere" first receives a theoretical module before they work in praxis by accompanying vulnerable people to medical appointments or treatments.

Concrete and useful efforts

Our efforts in Social Sundhed contribute to making a concrete difference: In an external evaluation from the research and consulting firm DEFACTUM, it has been concluded that both our health and social care volunteers (brobyggere) and citizens experience a tremendous value from Social Sundheds's efforts and that these efforts can assist in reducing the social inequality in our healthcare system.

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We share our knowledge

Social Sundhed's methodological approach to creating equality in health, has mutual learning at its core. Our methodological starting point is recovery- and empowerment-oriented.

You can find us nationally

Vi er i København, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg og Fredericia. Herfra driver vi rådgivningstelefoner, hverver og uddanner morgendagens sundhedsprofessionelle samt driver en række programmer. Vi er pt. 12 ansatte og 200 frivillige på landsplan.

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Social Sundhed is primarily run via funds from public partnerships, pool financing and private foundations.